This is one of the most comprehensive martial art system in existence, Hapkido is the Korean art of self defence.

Kwan Nyom or the School of Concepts – is the name given to the style or family of Hapkido taught by Grandmaster Geoff J. Booth. The style was created in June 1999 and it reflects a teaching style of Hapkido—the core techniques are the same as most other traditional Hapkido schools, but it is the teaching method that makes the style unique.

Traditionally Hapkido is taught as set responses to set grabs. Kwan Nyom Hapkido teaches students concepts that apply on a number of different grabs or attacks. This helps in real life self defence as you need to react in a situation that is not controlled or expected. Having an understanding of the concepts of self defence taught in the Kwan Nyom style of Hapkido means that you can apply whichever formula suits the situation, rather than trying to think what the technique should be against that particular type of attack.

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