Who we are

The Combined Martial Systems Academy has been active since March 2009 as a platform to share and evolve various aspects of self defence, sport, martial disciplines and combatives, both modern and traditional.

Our aim is to study various complete systems individually and on their own terms, to not mix elements, but to make every move your own till they simply flow one into another as conditions such as range or timing may alter the situation. In our minds, Taekwondo and Silat for example are not mutually exclusive whilst they are totally different, and the study of one can enlighten the study of another.

  • “CMS Academy, a multi style progressive martial arts school focussing on Korean, Filipino and Bruneian martial arts. Taught by passionate and knowledgeable instructors. “

    Master Nick Tsavalos - www.moosoolacademy.com
  • In order to grow and improve, We all must be open minded and adopt both the old and the new. Traditional martial arts are very important because we must observe and learn from our past. However, we must also embrace what is improved and what has evolved. Training regularly and adopting what has evolved will help us grow and become much better overall. Combined Martial Systems headed by Coach Omar Ali Grant is a prime example of a group that seeks to grow and evolve because Coach Omar is constantly seeking functional and realistic training techniques not just for himself, but for everyone in his group and whoever else that joins them!
    I admire Coach Omar for his dedication and passion for teaching others, for showing others how to improve…….
    His students are very lucky to have a leader that is open minded and is looking forward to learn some more!
    My greetings and Best regards to everyone and looking forward to training with you soon.

    MASTER VIRGIL CAVADA - Founder and Headmaster of Applied Eskrima
  • “Honored to have been invited last year (2017) to teach for CMS Academy a Silat Suffian seminar. It was our first live meeting despite many years of distant online friendship. I thank them for believing in me in the name of friendship and passion for martial arts, in particular silat. The first ‘live impact’ with Coach Omar was spectacular. The sacrifice of this guy who believes in a project out of love, that will surely bring a deserved success. The two day event passed quickly, both, because of the seriousness of the participants, and of the intensity of the techniques. The students transmit the same positive energy , and therefore the environment is really nice and friendly. Thank you for giving me this opportunity of sharing the passion of Silat together, a long journey, part of this life in which we are all students.”

    Guru Carlo Andreis - Italy SSBD Leader - www.silatsuffian.it
  • At time of writing, myself and the London Arnis team are delivering the Rapid Arnis system at CMS Academy via intensive monthly workshops (since mid 2017). They are progressing efficiently with a great attitude to the material, retaining and developing their skills and knowledge from one workshop to the next. CMS Academy has created an excellent environment for students to learn and practice the system, and continues to invest wholeheartedly in pushing the group to the next level. In addition, the organisation of an annual guest-instructor program and regular assessments ensures that the group receives an education that is both broad and deep. We at London Arnis look forward to seeing them graduate in the future, which will be sooner rather than later with this current rate of progress!

    Andrew Janson - London Arnis Head Instructor
  • “Martial arts are practiced not only to achieve excellent physical condition, but also as a way to strengthen and expand many values, including FELLOWSHIP, RESPECT and DISCIPLINE.
    In Combined Martial Systems Academy as in the Warriors Academy Spain we invite you to practice martial arts to grow in mind, body and spirit under a varied range of Martial Arts and Systems, so you can choose between training under the focus of Competition, Martial Development or Personal Defence.
    In CMS Academy they have chosen to study various systems under continuous evolution and always under Instructors and Teachers supervising their progression, that is the main objective of CMS Academy … continuous evolution and formation to offer their students … and of course I am proud to belong to this Great Family.”

    Guru/Sifu Jesús Moya - www.warriors.es